Oxford Parksuites - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
Spot Cash
2% Discount on Net List Price
8% Discount on Down Payment
Option 2:
30% Spot; 70% Balance over 60 months at 0% Interest
2% Discount on Net List Price
5% Discount on Down Payment
Option 3:
15% Spot; 85% Balance over 60 months at 0% Interest
2% Discount on Net List Price
3% Discount on Down Payment


  • 1. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • 2. BF interest rate varies depending on the choice of bank.
  • 3. Other charges are not yet included.

Sample Computation:

  • Unit: 1 Bedroom - PHP 4,278,582

Sample Computation 1: Based on Option 1

  • 95% Spot down payment / 5% balance upon receipt of statement of accounts
  • List Price: PHP 4,278,582
  • Less: Reservation Fee: PHP 100,000
  • Net List Price: PHP 4,178,582
  • Less 5% discount: PHP 208,929
  • Total Contract Price: PHP 3,969,653
  • 95% Down Payment: PHP 3,771,170
  • Less 8% on Down Payment: PHP 301,694
  • Net Down Payment: PHP 3,469,476
  • 5% Remaining Balance: PHP 198,483
  • Sample Computation 2: Based on Option 2
  • 2% Discount on Net List Price
  • 5% Discount on Down Payment
  • List Price:PHP 4,278,582
  • Less: Reservation Fee:PHP 100,000
  • Net List Price:PHP 4,178,582
  • Discount on unit:PHP 2%
  • Amount of discount:PHP 83,572
  • Total Contract Price:PHP 4,095,010
  • Down Payment:PHP 30%
  • Amount of Down Payment:PHP 1,228,503
  • Premium Discount:PHP 5%
  • Amount of discount: PHP 61,425
  • Net Spot/Down Payment:PHP 1,167,078
  • Balance %: 70%
  • Amount of balance: PHP 2,925,007
  • Terms:60 months
  • Monthly Payment:PHP 48,750


Why invest in The Oxford Parksuites

The Oxford Parksuites is outfitted with tutor rooms-an ingenious addition to the floorplan, making it ideal for kids to study without distractions from TVs video game consoles, as well as toys.
All amenities have been relegated to the entire 8th floor. Also, this development project has a library cum lounge, a fitness center, and recreation room not forgetting a lap pool.

You are special. So, appreciate yourself. Moreover, give your family a memorable experience. And the only way you can achieve this is through finding a nice housing unit for you and your beloved family. Thus, grab yourself a chance to take your urban living experience to the next level. Remember, this is an investment of its kind. The Oxford Parksuites’ units are of high quality and they feature some of the best amenities in addition to facilities in town. Besides, The Oxford Parksuites is strategically located to help you access important facilities. So, what are you waiting for! Get yourself a one, two, three, or four bedroom unit and say goodbye to substandard living conditions at Oxford Parksuites.

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