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With Oxford Parksuites, you are provided with freedom of space and freshness of the natural surroundings in addition to several sources of comfort. The Oxford Parksuites was designed to recreate a sense of illimitable lush spaces owing to the properties numerous and strategically-situated themed gardens, waterfalls, swimming pools as well as ponds. The property offers spaces and facilities that are specially designed to cater for various indoor plus outdoor leisure activities.


Indoor facilities are plentiful. They include an exercise room as well as a receiving launch. There is also a Workout Rooms and a gaming room for those who are so much into games. The Fitness area 


The outdoor, like the indoor, is equipped with an assortment of facilities, including outdoor play spaces, children’s play pool, and a kiddie pool. The outdoor also features an executive pool.

The entertainment domain


The indoor contains a play station, a cyber-hub featuring high-speed internet (free WI-FI) access plus computer facilities, a modern music room for those who love singing and a partying room.  Let your child discover the world in the kid’s discovery room for both children and toddlers alike. There is also a Library, an HD screening room, and a receiving room.

The wellness center

In the indoor of the wellness center, you’ll find a tranquility pool, a He/She Shower rooms, a receiving launch, tutorial room, and a game room featuring a billboard and table tennis. The Taichi area, amenity launch, and reading launch are all found in the outdoor.

Building Features

The sky element of Oxford Parksuites takes condominium living to a new different level. From spacious gardens to balconies blossom that are meant to recreate an imaginative and fascinating chain of spaces will give you a hint of how the sky looks like. These features, together with the quality of the space and the creative design, all add up to the distinctively of The Trion Towers.

This property is equipped with a beach-type swimming pool for children and adults. The fountains plus the ponds situated at the entrance have been designed to give you and your family a memorable city living experience. Here, the water element is likely to refresh anybody’s senses with fun in addition to relaxing activities that have been designed to foster the urban soul. Moreover, The Oxford Parksuites’ water amenities will offer you with an impeccable venue for unforgettable bonding moments with your family members. Also, here you have an opportunity of witnessing an intimate bonding session with your internal soul. 

Besides the gardens and water features, this creative residence also has a natural ventilation, alternating balconies, and nice views of the skylines of City.

Everything at Oxford Parksuites is premium. For instance, the building features are extremely incredible.

1. Security features

Your security is of paramount importance; a reason a highly-secure perimeter fence has been erected and a CCTV monitor has been installed at strategic locations.

2. Parking and fire exits

Provision for parking has been enhanced; thanks to the ample basement parking spaces. In case of a fire, there are different fire exits and fire extinguishers located at strategic exit points.

3. Elevator system

There are passenger elevators.

4. Smoke detectors and standby generator

An automatic smoke detector, a fire alarm, and a sprinkler system have been fitted in all common rooms/areas. Also, the all common areas have standby power generators. However, some selected residential units have been outfitted with standby generators.

The Floor Plan

The Oxford Parksuites is of a unique, groundbreaking design which allows every unit /room to receive invigorating natural light. Here, you can enjoy the sunlight and moonlight that streams into your room/unit /flat. The Oxford Parksuites lets you welcome the breezes that flow freely into your room. All the Units here are flat and range from 1-4 bedrooms.

  • Adult Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Taichi Area
  • Exercise Area
  • Kiddie Corner with rubber mat flooring
  • Function Room equipped with Kitchenette
  • Amenity Lounge
  • Library/Wi-fi Zone
  • Tutorial Rooms
  • Reading Lounge
  • Game Room with Billiard and Table Tennis
  • He/She Shower Rooms
  • Fitness Center overlooking the pool


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